Kim Jong Il is dead?

As I’m sure many of you heard, the “great leader” Kim Jong Il passed away on Dec 17, 2011.  What I’m wondering now is, what will happen?

He was thought of as a demi-god by his people, so much so that upon being healed by a charity doctor helping those with Cataracts surgery, his people fell to their knees in thanking their leader, not the doctor.  (Documentary, inside North Korea)  In his “official” biography, his birth was foretold by a swallow, and heralded by a double rainbow over the mountain, and a new star appearing in his name.  

North Korea is the most separated country in the world.  All media, culture and education controlled strictly by the government, and leaving is almost impossible.  The Capitol, Pyonyang, is a facade city, meant to show the world that North Korea is in fact a developed nation, when we are aware of the poverty and opression there.  Kim Jong-Il controlled the fourth largest army in the world, and now who is to take charge?

His son, Kim Jong-un, seems to be the next successor.  The problem is, what will the new leader do with such power?  Kim Jong Il’s father, Kim Il Sung, was a dictator himself, though his son magnified his oppression when he took over.  Will this happen again with Kim Jong Un?   He is only 28-29 years old, and has been groomed for power like his father was.  South Korea has put their military on high alert, because of the existing war with the Stalinistic nation.  When Jong Il took over for his father, he had already worked behind the scenes for 20 years, learned all there was to know about leading.  Jong Un, however, has had no such training.  He may be an impediment to change, stopping North Korea from progressing as a nation.

All I can ask is, what will happen next?

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